Robert Michael Furniture Ltd is no longer in business. They have permanently closed. 

However we have some great news!!  A new company called " John Michael Designs" is now open and  

shipping many of the same great styles!!!

This new company is owned and operated by many of the same people that worked for Robert Michael that designed and manufactured their furniture!!

Furniture Plus is now a Dealer with  "John Michael Designs" to view some of thier familiar styles click on the slideshow.

Come vist our showroom to see  "John Michael Designs" We have many of their styles on our showroom floor and have many fabric samples to choose from. If you have any questions please call us!   480.898.3124


The new Company "John Michael Designs" is in no way affiiated with the old Robert Michael Ltd. All warranties with Robert Michael Furniture are Void. If you have warranty issues with Robert Michael Ltd. Contact your dealer where you purchaed the Robert Michael Furniture and see if they can help you.

​Sponsored by, Furniture Plus Inc.

Robert Michael Furniture az

Robert Michael Furniture az